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Woodgreen Construction Ltd
Pinderfield Hospital - Projects - Woodgreen Construction
Pinderfield Hospital - Projects - Woodgreen Construction
Pinderfields Hospital
Location: West Yorkshire
Type of Work: Public Sector
Value: £9k
Programme: 6 Weeks

In 2012 we were approached to tender for construction work at Pinderfields Hospital, and we jumped at the chance. We successfully won the contract and carried out the works over seven weeks.

The project consisted of a new brickwork façade, roof covering and glazed canopy to the existing structure of the diabetes unit.

The original construction had been of pre-fabricated panels and we were asked to form a permanent façade to the building. Works were carried out whilst the unit was still operational and the needs of the patients and hospital staff were given priority to ensure treatments were not disturbed.

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    Peter Forster from TC Harrison Group ltd

    ‘It was a pleasure to work with Woodgreen, and the whole team pulled together  to land a great project’

    John Dixon, ETM

    ‘The works were carried out from start to finish in a well managed, organised fashion.’

    Peter Archer, Asda Scheme Development Manager

    ‘I am extremely appreciative of all the hard work and tenacity shown by all concerned in delivering such a fantastic change to the store.’

    Simi Chaudhry, General Store Manager, Asda Great Bridge

    ‘Thank you for choosing to give our customers the lovely new concept store that we have and the chance to influence the future of the company’s renewal programme.’
    Woodgreen Construction Ltd
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