Our reputation is vital to our future success, especially as the majority of our business stems from customers who come back to us time after time.
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We have developed a process of customer reviewing that keeps customer satisfaction at the heart of everything we do.

To gauge our customers’ satisfaction, we ask them to evaluate our performance before, during and after each project. This helps us to keep what is important to our clients at the forefront of the process, and the feedback provides us with invaluable information in our drive to continually improve our standards of service.

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    Simi Chaudhry, General Store Manager, Asda Great Bridge

    ‘Thank you for choosing to give our customers the lovely new concept store that we have and the chance to influence the future of the company’s renewal programme.’

    Peter Forster from TC Harrison Group ltd

    ‘It was a pleasure to work with Woodgreen, and the whole team pulled together  to land a great project’

    Peter Archer, Asda Scheme Development Manager

    ‘I am extremely appreciative of all the hard work and tenacity shown by all concerned in delivering such a fantastic change to the store.’

    John Dixon, ETM

    ‘The works were carried out from start to finish in a well managed, organised fashion.’
    Woodgreen Construction Ltd
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